Ethical Erotica

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Being my fathers daughter (he’s an inventor) I keep thinking of ways to improve things, or invent new and better ways of doing things. I am going to share some om them here with you…just in case you feel that you wan to take it further and do something with it. I can’t possible act on all the ideas and impulses that I come up with…but if shared, it might inspire some one else make a move…hopefully for the better of all.


Ethical Erotica     It could be the new sexual revolution!


Have you ever Seen / Watched Pornography?

If Yes, is very likely that you have come across material where the model:


Is under aged

Is forced to do it

Has been sold as a sex slave

Do it just to pay for a drug addiction

Don’t get any satisfaction from it

Feel disgusted dirty and shameful

Has had a past of rape and sexual abuse

Is faking pleasure, appreciation and orgasms

Is exposed in humiliating ways

Feels a lot of physical and emotional pain



It is also Very likely that you have come across material where the “brain” and profiteer behind the material:


Is a paedophile

Use the profit for illegal businesses

Is violent and abusive towards the models

Takes advantage of drug addicted models

Has no respect for the models

Is involved with drugs, trafficking, weapons,

bribes, prostitution and or head hunting

Uses it’s customers credit card details

for unauthorized withdrawals

Has sold and or exposed material

that has not been authorized by the model



This might just be a solution to the problem


Even though most of us know all these things, we choose to not think about it and keep watching it. Excusing our selves that pornography and prostitution has always been around and will always be around no matter what. And hey…these days it’s even free and everywhere, so why not. Pornography has become widely accepted, especially among the younger generations.


When you buy food, detergents, cars or white gods there are symbols to look out for that will tell you if the product is free from chemicals, is biodynamic, fair trade, environmentally friendly or energy efficient. As far as I am aware there are no trustable standards, signs of quality in terms of ethics in pornography.


The ideal would be a world where no one would feel the need to watch pornography. But until we are there maybe we can help lessen the impact of pornography.

Let me present a solution:


Ethical Erotica!



Imagine a website where people donate photos and videos to help stop trafficking and child pornography.


Every person that is in the photos and videos should be controlled to be at least 18 years old.

Every person has to sign a waiver form where they state that they are drug free

Fully aware of where the photos will be distributed and sold

Doing it without any financial compensation

Is giving ethical porn full ownership and permission to publish, sell etc.

Willing and wanting to show his/her body for the public

Doing it for the prevention of and for the benefit of victims of trafficking and sexual abuse of under aged.



All money generated from the sale of these films, photos, books, calendars and promotion material goes to help eliminate child prostitution and trafficking all over the world. 100% would go to Aid Organisations. The site and people working with the site would work voluntarily or get money from adds.


When you buy a product you can choose from a list of organizations to support.


There should also be the possibility to donate money directly to aid organisations and the possibility to see how much money each video, photo or written story has generated.


Extra products like pins and stickers for sale:

-I support Ethical Erotica or

-I am Ethically Erotic


A follow up page where you can see what is being done with the money would be beneficial.


Each person that has been part of donating a film or photos will get to add a link to their private website or blog and a space to write some info about themselves. In that way it’s even more of an incentive for the donators.


It could also be a system where photographers and producers can donate themselves and hook up with voluntary models.


There are people that like to flaunt their stuff

Why not do it for charity?

There are people that buy pornography

Why not buy Ethical Erotica

and make a positive difference in the world?

There are people that hate pornography,

But they might like Ethical Erotica


Imagine how much guilt that would disappear if you knew that you are helping to put a stop to child prostitution and trafficking instead of adding to the problem when you watch porn!



I can see famous people taking their clothes off for charity.

It could become a trend.


Stop trafficking by donating your naked body to charity!

The 3 “best” pick up lines I have heard

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One of those Speedo-clad, heavily tanned, overly groomed and pumped lifeguards in Sicily came up to me as I was laying on my belly on a sun-bed. He sat down on the bed next to mine (he had timed his manoeuvre well… he showed up just when my friend had got in the water) and quickly introduced himself. Then, with his legs spread wide, his left hand on his left knee, with the elbow turned out in a 90 degree angle and his right elbow resting on his right knee he leans forward and slowly, very slowly takes off his pilot Ray Ban’s and looks me in the eyes, with the sexiest and most intence look that he knows, and proceed to ask me… in husky and broken English

–Tell me now,  (pause) how do you feeeel when I look at you like this?


wish I had it on video. Then he proceeded to tell me:

- Don’t worry, I will not do anything, only invite you for dinner…(pause) then we will see what happens.

-You can trust me; I would never touch you… (pause) only once in a while.

-I am different, I am different from other men… (pause) I will also talk to you afterwards.


What a great offer…can’t remember why I didn’t go out with him.

This is one of the weirdest one-liners I have heard:

-You look genetically correct.

Told by a middle-aged Cuban professor and father of 4, in the bar of a salsa club in Sweden. Much later I found out that he studies races, genetics and heritage.


Years ago in the Seychelles, I met a young guy on the street that followed me. I told him that I wasn’t interested and had to go back to the ship where I was working. This is what he said:

-Stay with me in the Seychelles and the world is ours.

Hmmm, just realize that I have heard a lot of strange, funny …and not so funny, suggestions, compliments and invites…could make it in to a regular posting. :)

Bear-land for dummies

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My Brazilian friend J. came to stay with me in Milan last summer. I knew he was in to men, but I had not fully understood the type of men that he likes. A whole new world revealed itself to me; bear-land …the land of big (combination of fat and muscles) hairy, (the more body hair the better), bearded (this I a must) and in Jamie’s case also older. They call themselves bears, teddy bears or polar bears (older guys with grey hair), ginger bears (guys with ginger hair) or in Italian “orzo”.

In the bear community it is not about who’s the feminine and who’s the masculine…all are masculine looking. J. is a good looking and charming guy that get attention from attractive (what is commonly referred to as attractive) men and women…but he likes the “ugly beasts”. I remember how I came with him to the opening of a gay film festival in Milan and tried to spot a bear for him. I pointed at one big and hairy guy… -Not hairy enough. What about that one? -Not big enough. And what about this one? -Not old enough. Then, as a joke I pointed at the most ugly beast I could find…and he was sold.

During the month and a bit we stayed together I got a close insight in to a whole new world. It was with a mix of curiosity and disgust, horror and fascination, that I was shown the Internet dating/sex sites for bears.  Sometimes I got to see way to graphic photos of bears making out, adorned with leather and jockstraps, sometimes wrapped in gaffer tape, playing with enemas or urine or “just” happily naked hugging each other in bed…while holding a teddy bear. Many profiles mix “cute” “cuddly” photos with naked and hardcore sex photos.


Some J. quotes:

-The best is when the guy is big (read fat) enough that you really have to climb up on him to get on top.

-I love to get my mouth full of hair, when I bite a big hairy guy.

There are some other quotes as well…but they are x-rated


I love diversity and I love how it really seams to be someone for everyone… and these days thanks to Internet it’s easy to find whatever tickles your fancy. People don’t have to be alone with their “odd” preferences and fantasies. The down side of it is that people with preferences and fantasies that hurts, discriminates and abuses others also finds their peers and victims easily on the web.


“Gaydar” failure

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My dear Brazilian friend J., who I met in Sicily last summer, has a well-developed “gaydar” (Gay Radar): meaning he is very good at spotting who is gay and who is not… even homosexual men that appears to be straight to the untrained eye.


Taorminas reputation as a hot spot for homosexuals comes from a long and interesting history of gay tourism, dating back hundreds of years. Now days it is a little different. At first sight it looks as if most men here are gay (of course it depends on where you are from). With tiny tight and often white see-through Speedos, waxed chest, back and crack. With very well-plucked eyebrows, a lot of hugging, wrestling, pose-striking to show off muscles and frequently adjusting the package to show it off in the most flattering way, it is easy to think that you have ended up in a gay-paradise. Even though my friend prefers the big and hairy bears, he still got exited when he noticed that Taormina was packed with possible lovers.


His “gaydar” failed terribly and he ended up being sexually starved during his whole stay there.  You need to totally reprogram your radar and realize that what in many parts of the world is considered a typical gay look and behaviour, just doesn’t apply here. You will find that many men here are metro-sexual, glamorous, playboys and macho… all at the same time…but most are straight… on the surface that is: I have heard from a few reliable and secret sources that a lot of men here are bisexual and some even prefer transsexuals…. But you just don’t show or talk about it openly.