If engineers worked as beauty therapists

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My father is an inventor; it’s been his profession since the early 70’s, he is a very talented and recognized inventor with many patents and companies behind him….a real genius actually. And like all geniuses, he has his particularities; and as you an guess…my childhood was at times a bit different.


He is a full blown problem solver; ready to tackle anything and capable of finding solutions to just about any problem…some a bit more original than others.



*My step mum complained over split ends and wanted to go to the hair dresser. Since she has straight hair and only needed the ends cut off, he thought he could just as well do it. He proceeded to measure the split ends with a folding rule, masked the rest of the hair with plastic, which he taped on to the hair and spray painted the bottom part white. Then he got out the kitchen scissors and cut off the white ends.  Do I have to mention that she didn’t let him do that ever again. If you are an engineer reading this and wonder why it didn’t work…ther’s a reason it takes time to become a hair dresser, let’s just put it like that.

He actually cut mums fringe once as well…after he had taped it down. …yep….only once there as well.


Nail polish maker

*He is not much for gifts, but once he decided to give mum a bottle of nail polish….a 1 litre bottle with pearl nail polish, that he made himself! Could you even use that much nail polish in a lifetime?


Armpit shaver

*As I was getting in to puberty I wasn’t overly exited about having hair growing in my armpits and asked my mum how to go about removing it. She told me that as dad shaved (his face) every day, he would be the expert in the family in this field. My dad explained, in “as a matter of fact type of tone”,  that he first would need to examine the armpit to establish if it was the type of armpit that could be shaved. The angles, depth of “pit”/”hole” as well as condition of the surface all had to be taken in to consideration. I got really scared for a few minutes thinking that maybe I had one of those type armpits that could not be shaved and I would have to go with hairy armpits for the rest of my life, like the Trolls I read about as a child. Luckily…after some measuring, he realized that it was safe to shave my armpits and proceeded to show me the technique.


Tooth puller

*As young kids, when my sisters and I got a loose tooth, our dad got out the pliers…and pulled the tooth out…. sometimes it was still pretty well rooted. It would help the new tooth he said.


Silicon breast introducer

*He needed silicone to try out a new invention and somehow got to buy a mountain of silicone breast implants that were faulty, at a very cheap price. I was about 9 years old and thought it was very funny. I gave some to my friends and we would play with my mums bras (which were huge) putting some implants in it and imagine what it would be to be grown up. I remember that it was hard to match the breasts, as they were copies of existing breasts, made to substitute removed ones in cancer patients. Not only were they different size wise, but you had to find a left and a right match…..it became a bit like an impossible puzzle; because there were no matches, just odd ones. It kept us kids entertained for a while.


I have an interesting list of some unusual toys and games from my childhood …but that’s for an other time.