Saved by Salsa

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I have always loved dance. As a young girl I danced ballet, jazz and contemporary dance for a few years but got sick during a period and then unfortunately, I didn’t get back in to it. Not until a few years ago that is when I started to learn salsa and bachata.

When I moved back to Sweden in the middle of 2005, after ca 12 years abroad, and after I became single some year later…I felt totally out of place when I started to date Swedish men. I felt like a foreigner in my own country.

Most of my friends in Sweden have either travelled a lot, have lived abroad, come from another country or have immigrants in their family.  It often felt like the men that I met going out or went to date with could preferably have been exchanged for women. I was not used to awkward, fumbling, androgynous men who had no idea of female courtship, romance and how to be a gentleman.


When I started to dance salsa, I discovered a free zone from the grey zone. The men got encouraged to live out their masculine side, to lead, to court, to protect the woman.  The woman gets his undivided attention, gets seduced, appreciated, gets a shoulder to lean on and passes over the main decisions and responsibility to him. She follows and let herself get swept away; she interprets and perfects his movements.


Maykel Fonts and Kirenia Cantin. Photo: Ami Elsius


To be able to meet without words, being allowed to let your self get lost in the emotion, to be able to share an emotion without having to label it, without having to explain or interpret it…that’s freedom and pure joy.


More couples dancing to the Swedish people!

To everyone, everywhere really

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3 Responses to “Saved by Salsa”
  1. Guy-Jo says:

    Will we ever get to dance?

  2. aelsius says:

    Well who knows if you ever get that lucky ;) But your chances will for sure improve if you get over to Europe.

  3. Guy-Jo says:

    Hasn’t been a lucky month for me so far, although it looks like my chances might be improving perhaps…

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