Welcome to Speedo land

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Welcome to Speedo Land

Speedo land, Lido La Caravella, Spisone, Sicily. Photo: Ami Elsius

Before I went to Sicily a couple of summer ago, I had mainly seen Speedos on professional swimmers and lifesavers. I remembered when I first saw the south Italian men, how I couldn’t stop staring, laughing and shaking my head. But now, I have to admit that I am used to it, it’s very entertaining. Every shape size and age squeezes themselves in to tiny Speedos, often with little pockets, built in belts and in see-through materials. Sometimes completely worn-out and pulled up to the waist, other times low on the hips and just wide enough to fit a horizontally placed penis. Great care is taken to ensure it is well placed and comfortable and this is done on the beach, in public with the hands down the pants…grabbing, tucking, moving, lifting and readjusting the package. Once satisfied with the result, one of the show-off poses is being struck:


Pose Nr 1, pelvis tilted somewhat forward, hands in the sides, but only with the fingertips touching the hips, matched with a carefree, uninterested look on the face.

Pose 1, Lido Caravella, Spisone Beach, Sicily. Watch and learn, these guys are pros, they have a lot of pratice. Photo: Ami Elsius


Pose Nr 2, this is normally used whenever a camera is pulled out… hips slightly rotated and tilted forward, preferably with an open or cupped hand near the package to really emphasise the location, shape and size. If you got nice abs, this is when they are being squeezed to the max. As for the face, it’s the cool, sexy look that’s important in this pose.

Unfortunately I didn't get this pose at it's best. The hand is supposed to be a bit closer to the package. Bonus here is the waxed eybrows and the little pocket with the zip, Mazara del Vallo, Sicily. You see how the "sexy" look happens more automatic when you wear Speedos. Photo: Ami Elsius



Pose Nr 3, normally used in group photo sessions…in this pose it is important that the arms goes behind your friend/friends and the whole pelvic region and lower body is pushed forward and up in a bow. Facial expression is happy and friendly, showing you have many friends and like to party.


As you might notice, you got to wear Speeds to do this pose. Photo: Ami Elsius


With a bit of practice...of course having, small, wet, white see-through speedos helps a lot...you can pull this pose off with just a couple of friends. Photo: Ami Elsius

This is like the master level of this pose, when you manage to do it in a "spontanious" "playful" way even without anyone to put your arms behind. Photo: Ami Elsius


This how it’s done in Italy.  You still have time to practice before “beach 2011″!

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10 Responses to “Welcome to Speedo land”
  1. Hey,
    How about the on-speedo dancing lessons on a terrace overlooking Taormina??

  2. aelsius says:

    hahhah yes, that might be popular :) We could start courses like that! Are you heading my way this summer at all?

  3. KL says:

    Wonder if you are American, judging by your initial reaction.

  4. aelsius says:

    No, I am Swedish and have also spent many years in Australia. Just got back to “speedo land” yesterday…again.

  5. mick says:

    I love my speedos i have the really old kind made from nylon elastane which is so thin it hugs the lunchbox. I cut the linning out and wear a cock ring and they are size small so really stretched and my package looks enormous in these. I go swimming and the bronze colour goes see thru and I lay onn my towel and just pretend i am asleep and listen to the giggles laughter comments and the odd pic being taken girls actually set up there towels beside and just have a good laugh as i get an enormous bulge and make like I can’t help it. they know i am turned on these speedos are like spray on body paint aint no where to hide. I get ahuge boner and all the reactions i get are postive and girls just love watching it grow they just go nuts and say LOOK ITS GETTING BIGGER and OW and its all just a big turn on

  6. aelsius says:

    Well what to say, you should feel right at home here in Taormina. A real Speedo Lover! hahaha

  7. John says:

    …having just stumbled across this site, and as an in shape, non egotystical speedo wearer who is always curious about women’s attitudes towards men, does this mean that even if you see an athletic guy in speedos (as long as he’s not a pig), you only have cause to giggle and shake your head at his revealing bathing suit, and it doesn’t capture your interests (as a woman) in the slightest?

  8. aelsius says:

    Hi John, sorry for the late reply. No, the giggles and shaking of heads are more for the body types you normally (in your home country) would never see in speedos. An athletic guy in speedos does not have that effect as we are used to athletic swimmers in speedos and it seams more normal and purposeful. Now having totally got used to speedos I kind of appreciate it on a nice body (if he’s not to self conscious and peacock like)…it gives you a little more to check out and admire…instead of just imagining what’s under the shorts.

  9. John says:

    …I appreciate both your patience, and humoring my unusual question. There is a very, very long story behind all of this, which I won’t bother you with. But it all boils down to my thinking for years, based entirely on comments I’ve read online, or what we guys always hear women say in genreral, that women are oblivious to or grossed out by even athletic, non-arrogant guys in speedos. So, if I may ask your indulgence one last time, two questions; In your opinion, and athleticism aside, do you think the average woman even “notices” (as a female) that male divers on the Olympics are wearing speedos…which show alot more than the usual boxer type shorts? And second, say you were at a pool somewhere, and a guy who was, in your view, athletic and attractive walked by in shorts…..and then a guy, just as athletic and attractive to you, walked by in speedos. On any level, does the female in you even notice his package is showing? I’m not asking who you would marry or anything deep. For instance, if a nice looking female walked by a guy and she had a t-shirt and shorts on, and then an equally attractive one walked by in a revealing bikini, of course the guy is going to look. The first girl may be nicer or friendlier (or not), and may be one he’d be better off dating. But either way, on a sexual level, he’d surely notice the one in the bikini more. I know love is far more tahn the body, and I’m not suggesting otherwise. But there seems to be a huge double standard. Just go to a site like Yahoo answers, and type in “speedos”. You’ll see a range of questions and replies, and most replies from women are how gross they think even athletic cute guys in speedos are. I though a bit of a package showing was sexual and revealing, but it seems, to women, it’s gross, disgusting and a turn off…not because they think it’s too revealing or too sexual for public (which I could deal with), but because they think it just looks gross and silly. Huge double standard, but we guys are supposed to accept it. Thanks, I won’t bug you, again.

  10. Luke says:

    Too bad in the US it is not “good” to wear speedos. GGRRRRR

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