Nude photography; inspiration

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To grow and develop as a photographer you got to feed your inspiration, try new things, experiment and keep being curious. Finding your style, can take time: It is made up of your personality, preferences, experience and knowledge.

There are as many different ways to shoot nudity as there are bodies.

What is considered to be sexy with the body varies from person to person, from continent to continent and from time to time. As for the female body a lot of people would say breast and bottoms, followed by legs and the waist, but I have met people that find the neck, feet, diaphragm, ears, the back, sexual organ and shoulders the most attractive part of a female body.

Some like it model thin, some like it curvy, some like it very big, others prefer a strong athletic body. You can find people that gets off on bodies with amputated arms and legs, that want a lot of body hair, that prefer different coloured skins, with or without freckles. The body come in different, shapes sizes and colours…but if you think about it…it doesn’t really change all that much.

It’s funny, dogs for instance that comes in all types of colours, textures, shapes and sizes are often considered nice and cute no matter what. Or take a dolphin with a larger fin, smaller eyes or longer nose, is just as beautiful to us as an “average dolphin”.  But when it comes to humans….the slightest variations can be interpreted as very ugly or very beautiful.

Don’t care about the trends, simply capture whatever floats your boat.


It might be good to pause and ask yourself what you would like to create, express, experiment with.  Sexy, romantic, bold, graphic, documentary….there are many ways to portray the naked human body.


Get inspired from what some other photographers have done.




Edward Weston


Man Ray


Ruth Bernhard


Herb Ritts


Helmut Newton


Peter Lindberg


Richard Avedon


Gregory Colbert


Sally Mann


Jock Sturges


Joyce Tenneson


Annie Leibovitz


Mary Ellen Mark


Robert Mapplethorpe


Patrick Demarchelier


Jeanloup Sieff


Thierry Le Goués


Terry Richardson


Nobuyoshi Araki


Davide La Chapelle


Jan Sudek


Hope you are inspired